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Once you are ready to start planning a vision and have contacted OUP and filled out our online Start Planning form, we will set-up a call to get more details about your project and your goals. A qualified urban planner with years of experience will be able to determine the best design for your project.

OUP will be able to provide a professional urban plan with just a few files from you. These files would include site photos from the ground and aerial photos as well as a base map or engineering survey of your property. You can send these large files through our online transfer service with www.YouSendIt.com.

During the design process you will be sent pdf files that you can view online to see the direction your urban plan is taking. Changes can be made to your plan to accommodate any concerns or needs your plan must fulfill.

Once your urban plan is complete you will receive a high resolution design booklet from OUP. This book is ready to print and you will be able to start sharing the vision of your property immediately. OUP can print your design booklet for a fee. Pricing is based on booklet size and quantity.



To send large files to OUP you can upload them on our secure file transfer service. Click on the icon to be sent to the OUP file transfer site.

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