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Our high-quality and affordable urban planning process unlocks your property’s development potential by creating a high quality booklet that lends credibility and helps explains your development concept. You can test the tenant market, stimulate interest and line up investors, or simply “tell the story” to important stakeholders in a format that easy to understand and can be carried in your briefcase and be emailed effortlessly.  

Normally, you would expect to get a quality planning materials only after a sometimes protracted scope and fee negotiation with a big firm, followed by a lengthy planning process. OUP provides a logical and reasonable alternative. We produce results within three weeks - at a fraction of the price.  We eliminate efficiencies by managing the urban planning process through time, technology and communication both effectively and invisibly.  That’s the beauty of a proven online strategy for your urban planning needs.

Check out this booklet we just completed for a
developer in the Ukraine. This is a 505 ac. business
and retail district in Schastlivoe Village, Ukraine.

OUP was asked to develop a plan and design for
a new sustainable Civic Center for the city of
South Gate, California.


In 3 weeks you will receive a design booklet that contains the following:

  1. Cover with Branded Project Name & Logo
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Brief Background / Property Owner Vision
  4. Site Aerial, Context Map, Planning Objectives
  5. Site Analysis Sketch & Site Photos
  6. Land Use Plan, Circulation Plan & Area Tabulations
  7. Illustrative Site Plan
  8. Preliminary Development Program
  9. Two (2) Color ‘Point of View’ Sketch Renderings
  10. Images of Success - Based on comps or precedent
  11. Next Steps & Client Contact Information
  12. Back Cover


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